Wow, that was a very long time i’ve post anything here.
But here 's my last character: Pandy

Ha ha cool. I like it.
You might want to fix the body.
Keep it up.

What do you mean by “fix the body” ?
You found an error on the pandy shape ?
Tell me !!

Anyway here are 3 news shots of my favorite characters :

looks really cool… the panda body has a strange edge between the top green and white. also the style doesnt seem the same as the other characters. pandy looks like it made of clay (not texture or ao but form) while the others are like 3d toons. not sure the rout you might go with that.

and the flying psyco thing’s teeth look too flat

i like your stuff, keep it around more :slight_smile:

Looks like he’s doing a Shotokan Kata.
Would be GREAT for an animation :]

I could be wrong those. :slight_smile:

updated considering Giangmatrix reply !
Thanks to the new UV mapping option in blender 2.41, i have now better texturing on my pandy, expecially for the eyes.