Panel Gui Problem - 2 ways each has one thing that doesnt work - whats wrong??

I am writing a simple foundation for an addon.
There are two different scripts i have. Both are very similar. One has properties defined in a class the other into bpy.context.scene (or is it bpy.types.Scene, what is the difference? - more on that below).
are the names of the files

in global test i can use a button to print out the user set value, but i am not sure how to do that using classes, however my gui does not work: i cannot update any values for some reason.
in class test my gui works, all the values update, but i do not know how to communicate the values between classes.

I am fine with using either way as long as both of my problems are fixed

a note on the properties…
in globalTest:
i am setting the properties via
scn.intNum = IntProperty(name=‘Number’, description='Number >1 ', min=1, default=1, update=update_fnc)
and using them via (in the draw function)
cScn = bpy.context.scene, ‘intNum’)

in class test:
i am setting the properties via
intNum = IntProperty(name=‘Number’, description='Number > 1 ', min=1, default=1, update=update_fnc)
and using them via (in the draw function), ‘intNum’)

Not sure how to fix my problems, any help is appreciated!
*** Files are attached with a .blend extension -> rename to .py extension
*** Run in code editor in blender, then go to add->mesh->addPanel the window will be all the way down in the object toolbar (T-Key)
*** To see the print messages open the blender console by clicking Window->ToggleSystemConsole


classTest.blend (3.36 KB)globalTest.blend (3.31 KB)

why do you want to communicate values between classes?

what you created is an operator, which shows its properties in the redo panel. As you change the values, the operator is re-run everytime.

You should consider to use a real panel, bpy.types.Panel you know?
You currently use just an operator with custom draw method.