panel help?

hey, im new-ish to blender so hear me out.

right ive models my 2nd weapon and almost finished it but during the making of it i accidently pressed sumfin…not sure what it was but it got rid of that panel on the bottom, dis- allowing me to split windows which means i cant texture (the lazy way). the steps were to move your mouse to the top panel until it changes into that resize cursor and then right click and press split…but mine doesnt do that…it changes the cursor to the resize one but when i right click, nofin happens…

anyways here what i mean (if u didnt get it ):

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^missing panel?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ red box= panel im talking about =]

nothing seems to happen after i right click after the cursor changed…a mini menu is menta pop up like u said but nothing happens… =/ i think i sumhow locked all the headers coz i cant even resize them.

is there anyways i can get that panel back? like a hot key or sumfin?
or if theres another way to split windows without that panel mind giving a blender noob a help?

Try pressing the Control and Down Arrow keys combination. They toggle maximizing of a window.