panel text color ?

in code snippet there is the layout panel example
with several rows columns and box with text buttons

now in latest SVN i can see text with different colors

so is there a way to control the text color and how n latest SVN?


colors? where are they?

see file here and pic

not certain why we see some text in red and in yellow
dont’ remember it was like that
the PDF file i have shows it in black and white
so might be a new feature may be!

layout1.blend (399 KB)

It does not work in 2.67 I guess it was Photoshopped.

you mean you cannot run it ?
i have the official 267 right now not the latest SVN
which SVN are you using ?

what do you mean by photoshopped>


lol, there is absolutely no color-related code in the script, and there isn’t a new feature in blender to color things like that. It’s simply a few altered theme colors:

I did that in a few seconds in user prefs, really no photoshop :smiley: (it’s 2.66 btw)

i like it
could be theme color but i did not change colors for buttons!

and this is the only script i have with color for buttons!
unless this use colors when you use col row box commands for panel!

all the other scripts i have are black on grey!


it’s definitely not in the script you posted, you could change theme colors with python though. But that would be global i guess, maybe change theme color back and forth in that panel’s draw method for a local change? Would be against all style conventions though.

but have you been able to reproduce the colors or not?


no, not with 2.66 nor with 2.67 - and I imported layouts as well for sure. I also checked SVN commit log for this file and nothing changed for sure, no new functions to colorize UI (other than changing theme colors, but that is possible since ever).