Panels problem!...

Hi all!.

I’m using…

Blender 2.57b
Windows XP 32 bit
ATI Radeon X600 Pro Pci-Express graphics card!.

I have been using blender for some time now, right back untill the day’s of the 2.49 version with great success!..
However, i seem to be having a recent problem that i can seen to figure out how to correct!..

I open blender and all is fine!.
I seem to be able to move the cam, add materials e.t.c ok!.
I then go into edit mode and add some subdivides!..
Move some of them around for a few moments and then the panels vanish?..
It is only when i hover my cursor over them that they reappear!..
When i move the cursor away again, it goes?.

As i’m sure you can understand, this is a pain!..

I use other 3D programs for different things and all seems well with those!.
For Modeling e.t.c i use blender a great deal and has up until this point, been fine!.

If anyone could please help me solve this issue i would be most grateful!.

Just to add, if i keep blender open and start a new file, as if starting all over again, the panels still stay they same, i.e gone until the cursor hovers over them again!..

I hope this all makes sense?..
If not, more than willing to give any other info you need!.

Many thanks!.

try running in administrator mode, if that doesnt work, download Python 3.2 and that should fix it :smiley:

Thank you for taking the time to reply!..

I have python 3.2 already mate.

A question though as i’m not so knowledgeable at this kind of thing, how do i run in administrator mode?..

Again, thank you for the help!.

right click on the shortcut and choose run as administrator, its that easy mate :smiley:

Oh, ok!, lol!..

Will let you know how i get on!, lol!.
Thanks again!.

Well, just gave it another try and still having the same problem!.

Thank you anyway for taking the time to help!.

ok, try deleting blender completely (by also deleting the appdata blender folder) and delete python 3.2 from your system, reboot, fully reinstall blender, and try again… :smiley: my freind was having this problem, and thats what worked for him

Before reading this, i did uninstall blender and uploaded and installed again but had the same problem!.

However, i will try removing it all again and trying as you say!.
If i am correct, doesn’t blender already have Python 3.2 already within the program?.

Thanks for your time!.

Blender comes with python, no installation necessary. Disable anti aliasing in your video card, try to change “Window Draw Methode” in User Preferences/System. Before reinstalling move or delete “startup.blend (search for it)”
In my opinion it is better to work with zipped versions of blender, it is nothing to in/deinstall and you could use different versions of blender and setups easily.
Cheers, mib.

Edit:why do use always bold characters?

Bingo!..The Window draw Method did the trick!.

Thanks for the advice guy’s!.

I’ve only tested it for a little while so far and all seems well!.
Again, many thanks for you time, both of you!..

P.s As for the Bold lettering, i don’t know why i do that!.
I understand it must be a pain but seems a bad habit that i need to get out of, sorry!.


good work ! ;D i hadnt thought of that :smiley:

It is iformative to me either! Sometimes it may happend to me! I thought something went wrong with my browser!