Pangloss's BWC WIP

Hi there !

Here is my WIP for the BWC 09

I hope there will be bright colors, plants, ships, conquistadores, imagination, cartoon characters, New World, and a lot of fun, but it’s always hard to finish something. We’ll see !

I began with the modeling of a ship, the texturing is not that good but it will be small on the final image, the judges won’t see anything :wink:

Very nice work! I think the texturing is well-done too.
Any idea how you’re going to compose the image?

The texturing isn’t that bad(I think it is quite good)!I’d love to see more of this project!

Clewer and Asano : Thanks, I will try to post more often now. The compositing is not very simple to explain, but I’ll post some more pictures.

Here is what I was working on

The Conquistador

And the main character

Hope you like it ! :slight_smile:

i do like it! :yes:
the ship looks perfect, except the sails
i think maybe they should be slightly transparent?
(just being picky)

You’re right, the sails are far from perfect. I made some tests with SSS but didn’t use it.
I tried to use transparency too, but it wasn’t a good idea, it juste looked weird.
I’ll see what I can do with SSS again.
Thanks for your comment !

instead of SSS, try using the translucency slider, in the shaders panel
that might help–not sure

Hey! Pretty work! Love the style of your characters.

For the material of the sails, I finally used :
-Raytraced transparency, Alpha 0.8 and default settings
-SubsurfaceScatttering, Scale=0.1, Back&Front=1.1, Tex=0.55 R,G&B = 1
-Translucency with a value of 0.2
If it does interest anyone here :smiley:
I’m quite happy with this material now, I’m currently working on the grass, the plants…
Do you now if we can have a particle system applied to particles of another system in Blender 2.50 ? That would be very useful. Or is there a trick or something ?

Here is the final image :


Good work so far! I had no idea the tribal man was going to be gigantic. Interesting twist.
One crit though, the foliage and plant life are all the same shade of green, get some variation in there!

I totally agree, but I don’t have time to improve it
Because of rendering problems(too many polys/particles and some memory problems), Blender crashed and I had to render it in 4parts : it took hours and I don’t want to do it again.
There are still lots of things that could be improved, mostly in the background, but…it’s finished now ! Thanks for your comments anyway, there will surely be another BWC next year…I’ll try to make something better:D

Awesome, awesome, awesome style…!!!

now that looks great :smiley:

If you arn’t already, try using render layers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I uploaded my work on the bwc website, but I didn’t receive any email.
Is that normal ? :confused:

Hi, Pangloss.
Also no response. Same question.

Been wondering about the same thing actually:confused:

If it’s normal not to receive the confirmation email, there is no reason to worry :wink:
Thanks guys