Pangolin (scaly anteater)

(Casio23) #21

+1 :smiley: nice stuff. looks like it’s straight out of a feature film.

(MmAaXx) #22

woow! this image is PERFECT!

love everything!

(ania) #23

Thanks for gallery!

Btw. edited background colour, because I received too many negative comments about the green in another forum

(John A.M.) #24

it dose look much better.:yes:

Edit: may i ask what other forum?

(ania) #25

Mainly on the polish community, but also on and (but much less) in german/austrian forums.

(mikahl) #26

Nice! Haha I like the sneaky pose!

(UglyMike) #27

Haha, it’s the Ice Age Sloth in armor!!
Great picture, man. Worthy Gallery material

(clecle) #28

I loved it. Surely the best Blender work I’ve seen in a while.

I prefered the first version though, without the DOF

(JustinBarrett) #29

set as desktop background…great stuff. It has even inspired me to put it in my new game.

(shotforce) #30

its just awsome dude i wish i could make some thing like that, i also wish you made a tut about it :RocknRoll:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if you ever do! let me know!! =)

(Sedrick) #31

Man… this is a really amazing work, I’m really really curious to see some wireframes, the forest in the background and even the plants details are spectacular!

(ania) #32

Wireframe of the pangolin:
Uploaded with

(FootFungus) #33

Would you care to show a close-up screenshot of the nodes where you are mixing the different light sources together? That would be a great help. Thanks, FootFungus.

(2hot) #34

This is quality art.

(dragongirl) #35

wow! this is soooooo good.i’ll admit i’ve never herd of this animal but it dose look familiar…
i could work for years and not get a result this good! how did you get such a stunning eye texture (that’s one thing i totaly fail at)? this is amazeing 5 stars from me.

(AlucardAssassin) #36

Great Work!!! Simply inspiring. May I ask: are the scales all modeled? It looks really good BTW.

(Smoliterno) #37

this is really amazing! as many people have said! it`s my new desktop bg.

My sister actually has told me that more than once, passing through my room door he comes near the screen and watches the image again, she has fall for this one jajajajaja.

Really great work, having this as my desktop bg gives me the inspiration to keep on working in blender and trying to achive something as good as your work!

Really great! congrats!.

P.D: Sorry for my english! jajajaja.

(Gnaws) #38

You(!) are a Master of nodes, Mr. Pangolin! 5*!! I say banner piece immediately!!!


(John A.M.) #39

I agree, but it’s Miss. (lol) :slight_smile:

(pestaa) #40

Another proud owner of a new background here. :slight_smile: Pretty inspirational. I do like the greener version by the way, it gives me the impression of more daylight, while this cute thingy hiding in the shadows and being curious. :slight_smile: Thank you.