Pangolin (scaly anteater)

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It’s so great!

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Very appreciate of you guys!

(ohsnapitsjoel) #63

that’s awesome.

(tank570585) #64

Love the lighting, it really makes this seem like a special place.

(Mobious) #65

Really nice job on the colors and the lighting. It looks great!

(Strungout) #66

Awesome, I like his expression! Cautiously curious about that oddly familiar shaped pine cone. Replacing the green with blue really pushed back the rest of the forest and maybe the rays of light stand out. would a pangolin make a good pet? I have tons of ants in my backyard…

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that is AWESOME!

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This is really great… Keep it up…

Laserbehandling mot rynker

(Elias Romero) #69

I know this is old but its fantastic work and stuff. Originally for my character I wanted to make pangolin but when with a giant anteater but I had no idea on the scales and proper modeling.

The vegetation, skin, fur and textures are really spot on. You spent some time gathering references and planning this. Bravo. We dont see a lot of rare things or animals in 3d themed artwork.