PANIC! Can't see textures anymore

I was adding a Python script to the attached to do split viewports. Not sure at which point but suddenly I can’t see any textures anymore!! I have GLSL enabled and in textured mode.

Have I pressed something; changed a setting?!

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Forgot to pack textures? I just loaded one and it works.
Maybe you moved the texture’s directory or the .blend itself?

What I can see is the paths have all got messed up. Instead of being “/home/davesh/…” they’ve all gone to “/home/davesh/home/davesh/…”.

Can I fix this easily or do I have to go through one-by-one?

If the path is the same for all textures in the blend file, you can use TPP, as it does have a tool to change filepaths in bulk.

If you have different filepaths in the blend file, then I’m not 100% sure, but I think you’ll have to go one by one.

Edit: Sorry, forgot the script version with the tool wasn’t released yet, here is it:

I think I fixed it manually. There were only a few textures and so went through manually. Not sure if I missed anything. Thanks Zafio!

But weird how paths got corrupted!!