Panic with B 2.93.3 and animation nodes addon


I do hope that somebody will recognize this problem and say of course that is what it is, because I cannot give many details…

I started a project with Blender 2_92 on windows 10, and it worked so well, no crashes.

The project is about duplicating a set of 42 slides I had saved as a PDF.

It is about showing various graphs (some created with giving a basic thin cylinder an array modifier and a curve modifier and assigning a bezier curve) and static text fields.

Then I had a long, multi-line piece of text I wanted to show a little at a time.

That is when I found the following video: “Blender Tutorial - Typing Effect with Animation Nodes”.

It looked sooo cool, the catch being that the addon it uses, “Animation Nodes”, is written for BLender 2_93.

So I installed Blender 2_93_3.

I could follow the video and make my long text type itself quite nicely.

I even used the feature when it “untypes” itself back to an empty screen.

Then, because I found that it did not untye quicky enough, I decided to disable the nodes doing that and doing it instead the rough way, with a white plane that slowly falls over the text to hide it.

That is when the troubles started. I disconnected the nodes that do the untyping and installed and animated the falling plane by animating its y scale.

And lo and behold, the text kept untyping itself, as if the nodes were still connected!

I tried all I could, even removing totally the animation nodes.

No matter what I had done from that point on, I ended up with a phantom text that keeps showing up in the renders.

Even worse, I tried Cycles (until now, I do all this is eevee,) and the rendering seems to act as if it is eevee anyway.

Another strange behavior is that past a certain point on the time line where it used to untype, the render shows a totally empty screen.

I do hope, as mentioned at the start, that somebody will recognize this problem, because I have no idea what to do about it…

Thank you for your attention.

I did not know “animaiton nodes” but sounds like the animation nodes are baked into normal animations.