Panning in 3D view has turned my hair grey!!!!

Hi all

After having spent much time searching through various forums I still havent found the answer to my problem. Maybe there still isn’t one!!

Blender V2.58
Windows XP SP3
ATI FireGL V3350 - driver V
Normal 3 button HP mouse

I still have a no panning, moving ion the 3d environment !
MMB rotate - works
Ctrl MMB zoom - works
Shift MMB pan/move - doesn’t work

Changing all these parameters in the user prefs, key mapping doesn’t change anything.
Nothing I do allows me to pan (keymapping, emulate 3 button etc). However if I open another blender session or with a less complex model, I can pan, so, it must be something to do with the complexity of the model, when all of a sudden pan/move ceases to work…


Is this still a bug in V2.58? Is there anyone who has managed to sort this out or find a work around?

Thanks for any help you can give me



I am running XP and it works fine for me. Maybe it’s an issue with your mouse driver.

I’ve never heard of that bug before. How long have you experienced it? You make it seem like you’ve had this problem for awhile. If it persists, would you be willing to fill out a bug report? That’s the best way to help solve the problem.

if you have the original setting seems to work fine
but if you change the pan and rotate i think there is still a problem bug for key mapping
and it may affect script behavior!

but otherwise i can work with it no problems in 37950 vista

happy 2.5

Hi all

Thanks for your replies.

I don’t know if i will send ooff a bug report because it seems to be something that has happened before. Now I dont know if it is something to do with this machine and the memory allocation but it really seems that the model’s complexity could be the key ?..

I will try to attach the blend file and if you want you can see if it pans with you, shift MMB.
I am learning blender slowly and there are surely things i am doing wrong or could do better, so IF you feel the need to give some advice, don’t hesitate. Its all really appreciated.

The model is quite raw and unfinished, no textures etc yet…

If it does it may not be a bug… I will try to copy the model to a new blender session to see if that changes things.

Cheers everyone

Aerogare VIP visualisation 3d.blend (583 KB)



I appended (shift F1) the model object layers from the original blend file and I can pan again…



snall file only 500 KB and 2500 Verts

and no problems to pan or rotate !

don’t know try to re install your blender

shouldd work ok

unless you did some changes to your system vars

happy 2.5


There may be a slim possibility that I managed to click and lock the view to an object with the View pull down… Its a possibility…

So if anyone else out there is having problems with pan, thats obne thing to check.
In the pull down there is no option to select none, so click in the box, this highlights the object selected, then delete.

That may be it…