Panorama tutorial--cheesy example file included

(rivenwanderer) #1

Some people liked my panorama {thanks guys} and wanted to know how to do it… so I made a tutorial. Pay no attention to the annoying demo world… it’s just some primitives scattered around to give a sense of space, that’s all.

(SKPjason) #2

Thanks a lot for the tute.

Excellent, easy to understand, logical… and in the end a cool effect done rther simply.

I hope we’ll see some more “cheesy” blender stuff from ya tho… your images to me are art at its most meaningful.


(S68) #3


Thanks for sharing!


(wiseman303) #4

A camera lens of 16 seems a little wide. I think 20.45 is closer to 90 degrees.

(rivenwanderer) #5

I don’t know… In my example file, at least, 16 matches up perfectly, but 20.45 has some very odd artifacts {things cut off and not rendered in the next angle}. Feel free to experiment though…