Panoramic kitchen renders

I made this project as a training of interior design visualization. I decided to make panoramic render to make it possible to watch the entire interior. I also made two versions of it - all the furnishings have the same sizes, the same location, only the materials differ.

I’m looking for a way to post the images online in some kind of a browser-base 360deg panorama viewer, I posted a thread here, but didn’t get no answer:

The original images were 4Kx2K 32 bit .exr’s and it took 13 hrs each to render it. I found them useful for lighting some sort of scenes (dishes, furnishings visualization etc.) I wanted to share those .exr’s with you but each is almost 90MB file and I don’t know if blendswap is a good place to post it.

Try VRAIS for a good 360 panorama viewer. It also works with vr headsets.

Hi. Does anyone know the right settings for the 360 renders to have a good 1to1 representation in the vive.
I used the vrais tutorial settings and mapped it to a sphere in unity. I am looking from the correct viewpoint with the vive but everything is a little big. scale around1.2
Changing some fov parameters from stereo cam im blender has no effect.
Does anybody has some tips?