Panoramic Rendering in Blender

A little known feature is Blender is the ability to render in 360 degrees. Recently I tried to find a tutorial on doing this and only found one short article on doing so. So I decided I would give try my hand at tutorials and tell everyone how to do it.


Its not as good as other HDRs you will find since you cannot export from Blender in .HDR format. But for the most part it works well.

You can export out as HDR… It is called Radiance HDR, you can also export out as exr format which is more ideal for high values as it has higher precision. Both allow values outside of the 0-1 range.

also reading the comments, This method is not supported under BI… and that it was implemented in 2.63 –

Ah yeah now i found it! I just glanced at the export list and didn’t see it. I removed that form the tutorial. EXR is really good also. But you run into large file sizes. I didn’t really want to go into file formats to much in the tutorial as I it would take awhile to go into it all.

Ah, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Fair enough, I just have found that my sun sometimes ends up with a funky colour when using the HDR format (due to the way it works, the higher the values with HDR, the less precise they are)… with exr they are much more accurate… If file size is an issue, maybe try using half float instead of full float?