Panthro Expressions

Panthro expressions. Sculpted in Blender, using rigify for poses and anim.


Well done and very creepy.

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Thank you!

Wow! That is amazing, I don’t see how you could get such few answers, the poses and expression are awesome!

Very well done.

Awesome work ! Very well done. Is the grain added in post-prod or is it directly out of blender ? I love the look it gives to the renders !

the spirit of free open source software, I decided to to the final comp fx in Natron. It’s basically a copy of Nuke. Adds lovely chromatic aberration and grain. :slight_smile:

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Btw… to clarify, Natron was used for the animation test. The grain on the stills was done in Photoshop.

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That’s some serious detail work. I love it.

Impressive work :astonished: :+1:

Wow. Top notch!

big job, bravo, great rendering no more!