Pantin 2.50

I try to update Pantin for Blender 2.50.
But for the moment, constraints ‘script’ don’t work, so I have to wait.

One thing I found, we don’t have to put a lot of sliders above our characters anymore.
Instead, I added a property called ‘Mode IK/FK’ to the bones ‘Shoulders’ and I use it to drive the influence of the constraints ‘Copy Rot’.
(As always, sorry for my english)

Awesome :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing the updated rig! There seem to be really great things for rigging in 2.5! Including a normalize option for the weight paint tool :smiley:

hi kiopaa,

i’ve been playing with blender 2.52 r27352 and link my character group into a new file. but my custom properties seems tobe frozen. i can’t edit the value :frowning: any idea ?


Hi johantri,
Very great character !

To be able to link a character with blender 2.52, I think we have to disable the protection flags of bone layers. There is some informations in this thread.
Let me know if it works for you.

thanks kiopaa. my bone is just linked perfectly fine (i can move, rotate, or scale the proxy bones). the problem is in my custom properties. i understand that custom properties designed to add some features that is not there by default, rite ? so i use it to add some funcionality for example IK FK switching, mostly for facial setup and so on… and now, all my custom properties is just freeze when i linked character :frowning:

you can download my character here if you want to playing around with it

or do you have any idea how to make custom attributes for bone like sintel did ?

Hi Johantri,
I saw that your custom properties are attached to the object armature called ‘ujang’ and I don’t know why, but we can’t link properties like that. Instead, try to attached all the properties to one bone (‘root’ for instance) and you could link your character.

Sintel works with a python script to display the properties in the ‘N’-panel. You can download Pantin_250 from my signature, I have a script too in the file.

firstable, you’re right…i should put my custom properties on the bone. i tried a simple rig, put the cusotm properties on bone and voila !! my custom properties is linked, and worked as expected. thank you

the reason why i kept all custom properties in object armature called ‘ujang’ is so that my custom properties is will keep visible wherever i select anybone. if i put all the custom properties on the ‘root’ (acording to my logic) then i have to select root bone first to change__for example; the smile, or sad, or ik fk switching. if i select the hand bone, then i can’t see all my custom properties. i think that is time consuming.

and another reason is that, sadly, python is just not my area :frowning: so i have to figure out someway to make my rig as easy as my brain would fit :stuck_out_tongue:

ps : your rig is simply awesome. but could you make a tutorial (step by step) how to link your character to a new scene ? because i can’t move the bones after proxy-ing it…

thanks for your help :eyebrowlift:

You’re right
So you have to write a script to show the properties in the ‘N’-panel whatever the bone selected.
If you want, put all the properties on the ‘root’ bone, and I write the script for you.
(it’s almost the same as Pantin’s script)

I can’t test it, but normally this script is ok

import bpy
import re

props = ["01_lefthand-FKIK", "02_righthand_FKIK", "03_subdiv", "04_AEDYX",
         "05_OUW", "06_MBP", "07_smile", "08_sad", "09_L.upperlip",
         "10_L.lowerlip", "11_R.upperlip", "12_R.lowerlip", "13_L.uppereyelid"
         "14_L.lowereyelid", "15_R.uppereyelid", "16_R.lowereyelid"]

class RigProperties(bpy.types.Panel):
    bl_space_type = 'VIEW_3D'
    bl_region_type = 'UI'
    bl_label = "Rig Properties"

    def poll(self, context):
           ob = context.active_object
           return ("ujang" in
        except AttributeError:
           return 0

    def draw(self, context):
        pose_bones = context.active_object.pose.bones

        layout = self.layout
        col = layout.column()

        for pr in props:
           row = col.row()
           row.prop(pose_bones["root"], '["'+pr+'"]', text=pr, slider=True)


WOOTT thank you thank you :slight_smile:

i try your script, and it showed an additional Rig Properties on the right panel. am i doing it wrong ? because it seems tobe empty


damn ! i think i forgot to put all properties on the root bone like you told me to hahaha will be back in a few hours :slight_smile:

i’m back. and i manage to put my custom properties inside ‘N’-panel :slight_smile: however when i run the script, it creates Rig Properties and Properties. is that normal ? and also i must always select the ‘root’ bone to view the custom properties, the other bones don’t…

hmm…i wish i can do scripting as good as you T_T

ps : i just wonder why is pantin rig is so small in size (270.6 KB) ? while mine is 1.3 MB…what cause it anyway ??


You can close panel called ‘Properties’ it is unuseful with the script.
Now, all the properties of the bone called ‘root’ must appear in the ‘Rig properties’ panel. Whatever the bone selected. Look the picture :

You know, I can write only simple script !
PS : Pantin file is only 270KB, I think the reason is because there is no shapekey in the rig.

EDIT : in your last picture, it seems to me that the properties are attached to the bone called ‘world’ not ‘root’, is it true ?

you’re right, maybe i should named the ‘root’ bone as ‘upperbody’ bone or something so it wont make any confusion hahaha thanks for correction.

however i learn something from this, if change the ‘root’ into ‘world’ in this line of script, then it works !! :slight_smile:

for pr in props:
row = col.row()
row.prop(pose_bones[“root”], ‘["’+pr+’"]’, text=pr, slider=True)

well…i guess this is a giant step for me :smiley: i also learn some python basic from Ira Krakow on youtube, nice tutorial especially for noob like me. if you know other tutorial links like this, please let me know.

ps: i also notice that the rig properties is missing number 13 and 14. any idea why ?


I see that a ‘,’ (coma ?) is missing between “13_…” and “14_…” in the beginning of the script.

ahhh…that’s why…

kiopaa, thanks for your guidance, hope i can learn a lot from this, well…i’m sure i do. i’ll post my final animation later :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, I wait for the animation

Hi Kiopaa,

Love the Pantin character!! I was playing around with the 2.5 version, testing something that I had seen in another post, and there seems to be a problem with it. I’m using 2.5 alpha 2 release and I can’t seem to get the fk arms to work. I set a keyframe on frame 1, advance to frame 11, grab the hand, move it and set another key. Now when I scrub thru the timeline, nothing changes, the hand/arm will not return to it’s first keyed position at frame 1. I’ve attached a .blend for you to look at.

Thanks for any help…


Pantin2.5fktest.blend (270 KB)

Hi randy,
When you animate with the mode FK, you have to set keyframes for all the bones of the chains, so here, you have to set a keyframe for upperarm - forearm and hand. For the moment, only the hand has keyframes.

(With the mode IK, you’re right, only the hand must have keyframes)

Thanks for using Pantin

Thanks for the reply, I thought the IK constraint on the FK hand handled all that. I am wrong, I just looked at the BAC#6 files I used, and see that I did key the arms as well as the hands. Ahhhh…I see my mistake now, I didn’t have auto-keyframe set on…Stupid me.
Thanks for the response!