Pantin Hadouken

Deleted the video.

Quite good but I don’t get what is happening.

Thanks, and it’s Hadouken! It’s an attack within the Street Fighter games.

if you want some crits and analysis, I suggest to make it longer. At leat 10 secs.The way that it is now is just nothing ! No good no bad…a simple joke man. 2 secs? 50 frames? come on…pop it up to at least 250 frames=10 secs=25FPS !:D:D:D:D:D

I suppose I should.

I actually made a tutorial that creates a aura ball similar to the Hadouken. It’s under the name “seekertosecrets”. It could make it more interesting.

Thanks, I’ll have to check it out and maybe apply it after I get a new tablet (my old one just broke last night ;_; ). I just can’t work with a normal mouse after using a tablet for four years.

Sucks to be you!!

At least I’ll be getting a brand new one!