Pantin Mod, he now has a mouth :)

Here is a mod I started of Kiopaa’s excellent Pantin Rig Still needs some fine-tuning, a tongue, and maybe some broader mouth controls. Get him here: (new version 8/1)


Hi Jay,
Very good, I like his mouth. Now Pantin can speak !

I didn’t make a lot of tests for the moment, but the mouth’s controlers works well.
Do you think it would be possible to add one more controler for the smile, for the moment I find it’s not easy to make a beautiful smile.

Thanks Jay for your work.

Here is a newer version: (Hopefully this DL site isn’t too annoying, pasteall wasn’t working for me today)

Pantin now has mouth controllers, a tongue, a separate head stretch bone, and eyebrow bones. Feel free to try him out and give any feedback here.

most of the controllers are unrestricted in rotation and location, please experiment!

You should post this in the new mesh for B.A.C. thread, I have been a fan of Pantin (glances around to see if anyone snickers) I think with a mouth he is much more expressive.

Yes. this new pantin is more attractive than the old one.

@ 3dementia no one is laughing here! I think Pantin is a really solid rig, that’s why I did some work on him.

BTW the version I uploaded is a bit sloppy ATM, I need to clean up names of things and the materials a bit, maybe add some bone shapes.

Nice I’ll add it to the BAC repository for anyone to use.

can this be adapted to another character
like i did one last week with some cloths but not certain how to add a simple rig to it
need not too much fancy control bones just the bare rig minimum
as long as the fingers can be bent for the hands

the other bones i can do it manually until i get the proper pose


Ricky, I’m sure it can be done, but it may be a bit of a headache- I have never recycled a rig before! It might behoove you to mess around with rigify, it may end up being the standard blender rig anyway :wink:

Nice, but there are a few problems with the rig, you have a cyclic dependency somewhere in the tongue, if you make the teeth a bit shorter (up to before the pivot point of the jaw) the they wouldn’t stick through the mesh so early, you have waaaay more stretchy bones than you need (for the tongue, you need none, just assign the vertex that are assigned to the stretchy bones to the controllers instead. For other bones there are some problems with inheriting scale from their parents, the shoulders don’t have to be separate bones, you could use the actual shoulders for this, which might be more intuitive. Why is there an additional bone for the jaw? Why not just one jaw bone so you don’t drag it as far away from where the jaw is deformed? You can also lock some rotation/locations for the jaw… There are some other areas this rig could be cleaned up. For instance, I’m pretty sure you can get rid of the lattice and all the empties altogether. And you could make it so the knees can also stretch, without both the hips, knees and ankles becoming stretched spheres.

Okay after all that critic stuff, the mouth does give a chracacter with a lot of spirit, a lot more spirit.

I have recycled a rig quite a few times, or forked from it. I’m building one from scratch in 2.5 now, but it works and behaves like the latest version of a 2.49 rig (I’ve never released that one, it’s not finished anyway) When it’s done I’m sure I’ll be recycling that one a lot… That said, does anyone know how to effectively mirror vertex groups in blender 2.5? And how to create driver curves that DON’T need values like 1 or 2 as X value, but can also be at locations like 0.14?(I can use the “limit” modifier but it’s a hack)

Hey FreakyDude, thanks for digging into my work and giving some feedback :slight_smile:

On the subject of the tongue, yes I see now it’s a bit buggered- I tried to emulate the Mancandy setup but guess I didn’t. Stretch To has always been a bit befuddling to me, I will try to get that fixed. Also I will probably modify the jaw a bit.

Concerning the rest of the body, that is the stock part, I’m not going to mess with that. I only wanted to give him a mouth, just to add a bit more diversity to the rig.

Thanks again.

This rig has too many bones that need to be eliminated or may be simplified. The actual rig as it is now produces jerky movements specially on the legs and knees. Watch all animations and you will see problems on the foot. Also to produce a single 10 secs animation you have to spend additional time posing bones. Actually you have to find a work around to get the pose you want.

The straightforward way to animate is: Torso and legs…once you get the right timing you add upperbody and arms and head. Then fingers…You shift keys, touch up ipos and that would do it. Facial expressions could be the last thing.

Usually with a simpler rig with less bones BAC will be more entertaining and productive. Thats why our WIP for this new character-rig made by the community.

This has nothing to do with this thread, please keep it on topic.

Yes it does have something to do with this thread. Pantin is a rig, a rig is something you animate, his points about pantin are valid.

If you want pantin’s controls to be better, then improve them. Isn’t he open source?
There are other rigs out there. I have stickman, which isn’t open source, and white nelb, which is. You might like their controls better. Try them, let me know what you think about their controls.

If everyone wants a new BAC rig that bad, why isn’t everyone busy building one?

Hey (jay),

In response to your question about rigging a tongue, I like to keep it simple. I’ve seen a lot of 3 control systems (front, middle, back), but you can find my current favorite technique on my Santa character. It uses just one controller (translate and rotate) and can easily achieve the most common positions, which on a character like Pantin would be good enough in my opinion :slight_smile:

(I just noticed blendswap is down, and the character is too large to attach, so you can get it from Blenderartmag #25: Winter Wonderland)


Hey (jay),

Just downloaded and checked out the mod. Didn’t dive into it very much, just looked at the tongue and I’m thinking the technique Dimetrii used for fingers here:
or the other standard finger rigging method of a chain of ik bones controlled by one bone would work, see attached file. I like both methods, but both have faults. I didn’t look at FGC’s rig, but off the top of my head, I’m thinking a hybrid of the two methods I suggested would be best. That’s an idea I just got, I’ll have to play with it some…


PS - the attached .blend was just me playing around and is not a finished product…


HandRig1.blend (139 KB)

After what I saw of Anelka ( FIFA ), I strongly suggest to remove Pantin’s Mouth immediately.
He will do a lot better with the gift of no talking at all. :yes:


Updated today, his tongue now should work like Mancandy’s.