Pantograph tests

first tests with Pantograph version 0.5 from rocketship
on winXP32 with 2.48a + python 2.5.2

great script, but still not quite perfect:

  • missing camera front-clipping lines
  • missing section edges
  • many edges have problems, parts of segments are not visible


Wow, I’d never even heard of this. How does it work on complex objects?

It is not exactly what i expected.
SWF animation still doesn’t work, but redirection to serial PNG works well.
Converted to GIFanimation in Gimp:

not a bugfix but hack on script, produces imperfect swf file, but script/blender crashes no more:

some artifacts yellow marked:


i think the effect you are after can be achieved with setting edge rendering to
full and some emit in shading and perhaps also toon shader. I would post
a sample but have now idea where to upload a gif to display it

J, it is not exactly what i meant.
The goal is not shading(pixel)output but vector output.
No doubt, the artifacts will be corrected, WIP by Rocketship and Alxarch.

For files other than jpg, try uploaders like




Ok, vector output would be great. hmm a few days
ago i imported a sequence of vectors and got 2D vector animation
in to a “extuded” 3d animation. Thats kind of exactly the opposite…
was cool though about 60 frames of 2d animation into 3d animation,
perhaps i do a tutorial someday. Sorry about going of the topic a little bit