Pantograph vector renderer version 0.2

Many improvements in this version:

  • Can now use convex meshes to do cutaways for technical drawings, sections, etc.
  • now produces cleaner SVG files, with line segments joined together, and fills combined by material.
  • faster - still not nearly where it needs to be, but measurably better
  • cgkit is no longer requiredCheck it out!

I’m really eager to try to make this work in Windows, but like the other time, after collecting the several needed dlls etc, it failed when running… If I get it to work, I’ll mention here :slight_smile: (just posting in case you know for certain this is impossible)


Its been done, apparently(running it on Windows) - are you getting any error messages?


Just found a bug from an incompletely-excised cgkit package… it should work now.

thanks a lot for your reply, rocketship. I will try again tomorrow. I was trying to install cairo, and the other libs in windows and dealing with Windows environnment variables. Today things went mad related to my free time, but tomorrow evening I will give it another big try. It really worths it! :slight_smile:

the errors were firstly related with ivcon.dll, a function or something not found on it, and blender crash. Surely to bad installed GTK or something on my side. Later I pasted a dll in the path I think it tries to find it but gave a new error of same kind in libpng.dll, I think.

Sorry, extremely poor report. Tomorrow I will do very properly.

just rename or delete the iconv.dll file in your blender directory, if you’ve installed GTK…
This works for me…

thanks a lot…somehow now it gives error (with blender crash, no console message) saying:
“8cc:Blender.exe -Entry Point Not Found!”
“The procedure entry point cairo_ft_font_face_create_for_pattern could not be located in the dynamic link library libcairo-2.dll”

similar message it gave before with ivcon.dll and libpng

I’ll give it all tomorrow another big try.

I just issued a quick bug-fix release, from observations while using it for a school project. I put in a bit more resiliency for exceptions during the rendering process.

Also, the website now has the beginnings of a gallery.


with the new version blender crashes completly when I try to load the script:

('Writing materials to Pen Settings...',)
*** glibc detected *** ./blender: free(): invalid pointer: 0x096fb7d0 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

I’ve tested win32 & linux, both with Python 2.5 installed…

Oof! I’ll take a look at that - does it give you any line numbers in the trace? Thats a strange error message at the top…

What version of Blender are you using?


I forgot to mention I’m using Blender 2.45, no line number…

I haven’t upgraded yet - I’ll try to install 2.45 and see if I can replicate the bug.

Was the previous version working under 2.45?



It may be a very simple thing - I fixed a “deprecated feature” that Blender has been bugging me about - do you want to try it again?

I upgraded to Blender 2.45, but was unable to duplicate your bug. It’s curious, though - it doesn’t look like a Python error, it looks like an internal Blender error. Also, since Blender crashes… what does it show in the Backtrace?


it was my fault rocketship, I had the older older version in my .blender/scripts path, and the newer version in another, so this gave me the trouble…

thank you very much for your support

I failed to make this work in Windows…Which is not surely surprising me, as happens to me also with the great Synfig: maybe I have some problem to setup well GTK / cairo, etc based projects. Some dependency or module or something keeps giving probs.

But i really like this project. I hope this goes some day included in Blender distribution. I work as corporate image/web,etc and all company marketting /image company needs one can imagine, and would be terrificly useful to be able to export blender models(with material colors, even better) in vector format(ie: svg) so one can open in Inkscape/Illustrator or other tools… :slight_smile:

Also the several effects(hidden line, etc) you are working on that I can see in your page look amazing. :slight_smile: kudos!! 8)


Thanks! I’d love to improve the package-delivery setup, to make it easier to install on different systems - that’s looking like a whole project in itself!


I’ve a very simple scene (only 2 overlapping cubes with 2 sharp edges where the cubes intersect) and I get the following error msg:

('Building mesh...',)
/home/tl/Blender Scripts/ DeprecationWarning: raising a string exception is deprecated
  raise"Should have produced a corresponding edge! Please report this bug to Pantograph development team"

If you want I can mail the blend file to you… (just PM me you email address…)



Yeah, that’s an error I can’t figure out! For some reason, its not getting all of the edges from Blender correctly. What usually works is to go into Edit Mode, select all the faces, and then go back to Object Mode and try again.

I’d love it if somebody more aquainted with the BPython Mesh module took a look at it… I can’t figure out if its a Blender bug or just something I’m doing wrong. I’m guessing that the mesh isn’t getting updated after triangulation, but I’m not sure…