Pants, Help plz

Ok, so I want pants on my character. I tried just modeling them, and it turned out pretty crappy except when there was no subsurf applied and then they looked low poly, which doesn’t really match what the rest of the character is going to look like. So I made a couple forays into the dreaded realm of soft body pants. I decided this is not entirely for me either. I think it will be a little to intensive for my computer if I ever decide to animate (and yes I read that amazing thread on soft body clothing). However, I figured out what I would like to try and do is use soft bodies to make the shape of the pants and then just keep that shape. It was I did in the image. I realized however that each time I re-opened the .blend file I had to re-bake the soft body. I was wondering if soft bodies can be baked into a permanent shape and saved that way, and if they can be, can they be edited vertice by vertice once their like that? btw, sorry about the long post. O, and if anyone has a tutorial on simply modeling pants, that would be fantastic. :smiley:


O, and sorry about this being in this forum, I looked everywhere and wasn’t sure wear to post because really it pertains to soft bodies not modeling, but I figured this was a safe bet.

There are two options:

  1. If you want the softbody to be fix you can look into the objects ModifierPanel.
    As soon you activate a Softbody there is an SoftbodyModifier on the object.
    Simply press the Apply Button and this becomes a fixed Mesh.

  2. But if your file is saved and you press the Bake Button in the CollisionPanel of your Softbody, you can activate Bake Editing there, once you have your Softbody baked.
    There will be a blendcache_nameofthefile folder next to your file, carrying the bakedata.
    And your file should load the data again on opening, if you have saved after baking.
    This way you can keep your softbody active.


Thank you! the modifier way worked exactly how I needed it to :slight_smile:

can you post a picture of your finished pants?

Yeah sure. These aren’t necesarrily entirely done. I’m having trouble thinking of what to do for the upper body so I think I might turn this into a WIP thread and get brainstorming help from there. Tho plz feel free to crit from here too.

The gun I made simultaneously as the character and I decided I would put it in the render just to see the scale.


um, so what do you guys think?