Panzer Dragoon Fanart

As a fan of Panzer Dragoon video game series, I thought I’d start building one of those so well designed creatures.
Here is the WIP

Here is the original concept art

I think the modeling is finished, but I’ll wait for some comments before I start texturing. I just put some raw materials to show you how it will look once textured.
Please c&c.

you’re going really well…

Modelling looks very good. The original doesn’t really seem to have a lot of textures, so I would like to see what you do with it.


Yeah. I’m concerned about it. I think I’ll do some scratches and maybe accentuate the cracks where the blue lights are. If anyone has an idea…
Thanks :slight_smile:

may i ask what this thing is? doesnt look like a dragon…more of… a stone…

It’s not a dragon. I said it’s a panzer dragoon fan art not especialy a dragon. This is a bio-mechanical monster created by an ancient civilisation to serve as a guardian. When that old civilisation disapeared, those kind of creatures started roaming the planet and became dangerous. This specific monster appears in underground ruins in the second game: panzer dragoon zwei.

well you conceptual work is strong.
so why dont you just start and create the same texture scan it and map it onto your dragOOns?

the rendering you have looks more like a plastic object, which is not bad in case you dont want it!


ok I tried to texture it but I’m not yet satisfied. I decided to go for a bone look which is not on the concept art, but comonly seen on other creatures from the game.

Click here

there is a stretch on the upper area of the middle part (if that makes any sense) above the center blue light. I don’t know how to fix it. It’s uv mapped and unwrapped with lscm.
Any other comment on how to improve the overall texture is more than welcome.

Not bad. We would need to see the unwrap to determine what is going on with that stretching.

Add some colour variations to it with some very low COL value cloud textures. Also, play with some RAMP shading.