Panzerwaffe WW2 Tank Combat

Its been awhile…been working on a game for years called Panzerwaffe. Since I was having trouble with multiplayer, I decided to just model for awhile and work on those skills. Here is a Panzer 3 E I just finished.High poly model had almost 400,000 polys and shown is the low poly at 3,000.

and some shots

This looks good. Have you baked the normals to the low poly, cause it seems to me it only has defuse on it (or does it?!). So is this tank going to be in your game? Speaking of which, is the game playable? Do you have a demo or something?

Yes I baked the normals using XNormal. Still have to improve the normals. Yes this will probably be in the game. The game is still being worked on. It is multiplayer giving me a headache now. I was using Agoose setup but need more control, so I am thinking about trying it on my own. Just thought I would start improving my modeling and texturing skills until I do.

Well, I wish you all the luck. It seems you devoted quite a lot of time to it already so don’t give up. We’re here to support (I think… :D).