Papa Disco

A little project I’ve been working on in my free time.

The first image is a mixed Blender Render + Gimp Airbrushing. The 2nd and 3rd images are straight from Blender.

Always nice to see your work yellowworm. Good to see your still alive and kickin too. Been a long time.

Love the first render. Very sinister and creepy look you have on him.


thanks BgDM.

The Administrator has spoken!


Looks great, but the area between the armpit and the pecs could use some work. It’s very unnatural looking.

Heh, very good and very disturbing :). I agree with Hobo Joe on the pecs, it looks like they’ve been pushed outwards creating an exaggerated hollow in the armpit area. Apart from that it looks great.

thanks for the feedback Romeo and Hobo Joe.

fahassani, thanks for the rating.

his armpits are definitely sucked in. lol.
maybe he’ll start a new fad… people will start getting liposuction in their armpits…
could create a lot of jobs in our emaciated economy.


first render really rocks… so creepy… :evilgrin:

This piece is just moving, yellowworm. I second everybody here who says this rocks! This could make a great addition to the Batman movie. Probably replace Joker instead? Hehe! :slight_smile:


Dang… who does this guy remind me of… oh that’s right…
Leave Britney Alone!

Haha, in all serious, this is one of the nicest looking characters I’ve seen in quite a while. Gallery material! I demand gallery.

Good modeling on the torso, very nice posture too, I like the grounded feet, looking at this image I kept wondering what he smelled like, hm…<hides from scary man with the knife>