Papagayo LipSync and Script

Hi, I have been using the script provided by the owner of this blog:

which allows blender to use lipsync data generated by Papagayo (a lip-sync software).

I was able to use the earlier version of the script, which resulted in success (with very little issue such as over rapid lip movements)
Apparently the latest version (which must have came out 3 years ago) is by far better. Yet I couldn’t get it to work as everytime I run the script, a similar message appears:

Please select a Mesh’Object with IPO curves…(and then something about shapes)

I have tried to run it with an older version of blender (2.42a), but that didn’t work neither.

Does anybody know what’s going on? I am quite desperate to use lip sync for my project (and the tutorial did not provide much help)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: - Discussion about testing it and such, and an update was posted here:

Edit: If you have some more questions, feel free to contact me. I managed to get it working