Paper Airplane: an idea spawning in my head...

I have been recently working on a small demo of a budding idea for a game.

This demo makes (I feel) innovative use of Blendenzo’s custom cursor script. It may be a bit odd with the way it is set up, as I have never seen it done before.

The goal is to actually make you feel like you’re the wind controlling the airplane.

I suppose I did that, with a very simple but different setup. The files are very small, I believe small enough for Blenderartists. There are two versions at the moment, one with and one without real-time GLSL shadows.
Unfortunately, the one without is shadeless, but the final game (if done) will be in GLSL. The non-GLSL version of the demo is made as a template for anyone who can make use of it.
To the idea:
I was thinking of a capture-the-flag style game, with paper airplanes flying around shooting spitballs at each other.
OF COURSE it is surreal, it’s a game, I can do whatever I want… :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be flying around a single room, like a kitchen or a bedroom.
It will be a splitscreen versus, and if I get ambitious, a 3 versus 3 match online.
The online is VERY ambitious, actually, and not being very experienced with it, I’m going to read up on it before I consider putting it in. But it would be a nice addition, don’t you feel?

Note that in the screenshot is says 30 something fps, that’s just what it dropped to when I pressed printscreen. :slight_smile:

A few more things I should point out.
If you move the mouse to the edge of the game screen, then the plane will stop there. That is because it is tracking to an invisible flat plane that acts as the mouse. If I set it to ghost, the plane would go nuts. So yeah.
Also, you can see evidence of the camera clipping start if you fly on the ground.

Controls: move mouse to change direction
Mouse wheel up/down to change speed.

Screenie and files, just for you right left brained or left right brained people. The lines in the demo were for testing the speed changing.


paperairplane.blend (168 KB)paperairplane-noglsl.blend (166 KB)

amazing dude

Looks good, just had a play. one crit… It would feel more natural if you were controlling the plane and if the mouse stayed in the middle of the screen, so that you can do a full flip.

Can’t play right now, but looks nice. The screen shot is an optical illusion :slight_smile:

I also want to point out that the shadow spotlight makes shadows on the lines too… I don’t know how to fix it.

The textures aren’t packed in the non-glsl version…
Interesting though!:yes:

Sorry about that. The textures are nothing to behold anyway :wink: