Paper bag wrinkles

Hi guys,
I got stuck with a project. I want to model a paper bag, but with exactly the same creases as in the attached picture. The shape of the bag is also important.
I tried bump map, sculpting but none of it became exactly the same.
What solution do you suggest?

This is a bit general, something like: my progress so far… would be nice to give special tips.
If it has to be exact try to think about the process this bag needed to be build in real life. Disassemble a real one would be helpfull. Model from a box extrude some overlaps, do some squeezing. If the simple base is good make one subd some more basic modelling and at last there has to be some sculpting fro the fine details (and from this you can bake a normal map on you mid poly model).

You could try modeling the bag and applying a cloth simulation to it. Then, check “pressure” in the sim and play with the intensity until you get something you like. Alternatively, you could use a multires modifier to bump up the resolution and then use the cloth sculpting tools to add the creases.

Thanks Guys! I’ll try these methods. :slight_smile: