Paper Dancer

Animation of a drawing by my kid.

WIP. I’m told I need to add drawings of my wife and I and extend it; not sure when I’ll be getting around to that.

Cool. I didn’t even know you could do something like this…hmmmm.

Glad you like it. I actually started working on it using the new Puppet Tool in After Effects before I realized it would be way easier to pull off in Blender with a simple armature setup. Blender > AE seems to be a recurring theme in my projects …

I didn’t do an actual render of this bit of animation, by the way. What you see in the video is a fraps capture of the 3D view set to “Only Render” display mode.

That’s really cool! Your method makes it seem much easier than what I imagined would be necessary to pull something like this off. I might use this someday, I’ve always been interested in using Blender for a 2D animation.