paper fold shareware

Paper Folding 3D at

Main features

  • The way to show on the process of folding are 3 dimensions, you can watch by any direction you want!
  • Zoom-in & Zoom-out the model what you want.
  • The program offer many textures, that make the model more interesting. You can print out and use it to make the beautiful models.
  • The program can export modal frame lines as EMF file, the user can base on this file create custom texture by using other software.



is there any other applz like this one, but model can be added by myself
2.model can be saved as a mesh file (.obj, .3ds and so on) so that I can do some paperfold animations, just like those one I met during my childhood (well, yes, it is not paperfold in fact):

thank you

here’s one that makes 3D paper cutouts of any reasonably simple model you give it. it reads dxf, but obj format is better because it will read UV coords and put your textures on it as well. I’ve used it, it’s alot of fun, and really useful if you have to build something in miniature from card stock.