Paper-like Translucency

I’d like to make an effect like a light shining behind paper… I want the light and paper to glow right like when you place a sheet of paper in front of a flashlight…

I tried the translucency option in materials but I guess that only works on objects behind the item with translucency.

You need to adjust the alpha value to see the translucency. Put an object between the lamp and the paper to see the shadow through the paper.
Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

tried to do that, but the lamp doesn’t glow… kind of wanted it to have the effect of a lampshade…

Would creating a texture that effected the emit and translucent value solve the problem?

Just fake it.
Add a lamp, put the paper together with the lamp on a layer and let the lamp work only on that layer. That way only the paper will glow from the lamp’s light and other objects wont be affected.

that solved it, thanks