Paper on fire

(Appolonius) #1

All the works on my page are a wip, but im more concerned about what you think about my render Paper on Fire.

I’ve had people say there was not enough light, but the only light you should see is coming from the fire.

(Enzoblue) #2

Looks really really good. My only beef would be that if it’s a single piece of paper it would be curling where the fire was alot. Burn a real piece of paper and see :slight_smile:

(Appolonius) #3

I’ll work on that thanks Enzoblue.

(blengine) #4

hey appo! that fire looks really really nice!! the edges of the paper look freakin cool, it really feels like its burning the sh*t outta that paper =D
could use a little curl, but its looking great
did u use a lamp to light the scene?
i think u did cause theres no shadows from the paper edges, and the whole scene lighting looks ‘typical’ of blenders lamps… try about 8-10 spotlights pointing in all directions from where the fire is! it will look so cool! i really like blenders spots… give it a try =) itll really bring justice for this cool scene and fire

(Detritus) #5

Looks cool! I don´t know anything about particle systems or lightning though, so don´t expect any constructive critics :wink: .

(Appolonius) #6

Here’s an update with shadows. How do they look?

(Enzoblue) #7

Looks perfect methinks :slight_smile: