Paper Plane is Looking for in-house blender artists

Paper Plane Entertainment is looking for artists to join the visual production department

Paper Plane is a film and television production startup based in New York. We are currently looking for artist that can work in a remote basis for many of our projects. We are now in the pre-production of 5 films and 2 television shows. From modellers, to lighting experts, simulation wizards and more, we are trying to assemble a great team that can help us making our productions. We use blender for all of our productions due its ability to be adapted to a particular workflow.

If you like film, vfx and CGI this can be a good opportunity to join our Visual Farm! We expect your applications!

Learn more about our company here: Paper Plane Entertainment

Hi, I might be interested in working with you on modeling projects, can you describe what type models you are looking for etc?


Hello! we are looking for different types of model, from architecture elements (buildings, street elements…) to environments and characters. You can choose whatever you like the most as we are looking to make a broad team.


Is this a paid job or volunteer work?

Also could you please clarify how does this “Visual Farm” differentiate from the other job opportunity you posted here:

Thanks in advance.

Hello, Visual Farm is a subsidiary of Paper Plane Entertainment while ILP Animation Studios works independently and only doing 3D animated content with Paper Plane Entertainment distribution it (just like Pixar and Disney, ILP Animation being Pixar and Paper Plane being Disney).
This is a volunteer job for the next months with the possibility to become a paid job, however this role is intended for people who looks to join a growing startup rather than people who look for a conventional job. You can apply to both, its your call. You will be welcome in any of both.

I hope I cleared your doubts!
Anything let me know.

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Hi Ivan, I’m interested! – You can take a look at my portfolio on ArtStation, Given the choice I would prefer to work on environments, Architectural models and props, I’m not really a character modeler, please let me know what the next step is.

Tim Holmes

West Rim Digital Media

I would be interested as well in an opportunity to possibly take my hobby to another level. Here is a link to my ArtStation portfolio if interested.

Contact me on Artstation.