paper plate curiosity

I started this in Finished Projects. But I keep fiddling about with it. Instead of clogging up the FP forum, thought I’d share latest developments here in WIP.


Here was the first render:

There were a few people who thought it looked like a paper plate. The last comment on it came from anogarir who said:

Make a new render with a more dramatic camera angle. This is boring. Keep at it.

Don’t know if this is less boring anogarir, but I’ve had a lot of fun with this…

No 1: so I put the camera right into the centre, set it to ultra-wide angle and this is what I got:

No 2: setting the camera to moderate wide angle got this:

And No 3: I decided to take a closer look at the plate by climbing inside the render, as you can see here.

*Thanks v much PlantPerson btw

Reminds me of the Monoliths in the film 2010


HEY! There you go! That is what I mean when I say a dramatic camera angle! Neat neat neat! Hugely improved. Nice work. Fun to see someone playing around with odd Blender effects.

I think you are on the right way with nr 1, but work some on the shape on the “particle planes”, and the colors are fine.