paper shader in Cycles

This is my first attempt at a convincing paper shader, which seems very inconsequential, but hey, realism counts wherever you look. I am planning a scene with a lot of paper in it, so I want the most realistic paper I can get. So far I am fairly happy with this shader, but crits are welcome. This is only meant to be plain white 24lb paper so far, although it looks a bit thinner than that…

On the right, I put an emitter hidden behind a folded bit of paper to show whether the translucency was right.

mmm, if you mean to reproduce regular plain paper as the one used with common printers and copiers (like this or this) I think you have too much transparency going on, and also too sharp. I’d try to use more translucency than transparency.
My 2c

I think you’re right, but I only used translucency. However, I agree that I used too low of an alpha overall, it seems like extra-thin paper. What do you mean by too sharp though?

i mean that the paper edge that you can see beneath the first sheet is too sharp, maybe. if there’s a slight transparency it should be more diffuse I think

paper looks quiet convincing,especially with the emitter it diffuse mixed with translucent shader?! Looks absolutely believable.