paperclip -yafray *update*

Hi all,

well it is not much but i call it finished.
The one goal of this little modelling and rendering was too get my first proper yafray render out of it.
I think it worked out well and now i think i should go for something more complex ;).

Hmmmm maybe i should have put this on the test forum …


The metal of the paper clips looks just like the real thing, good job on the materials :)!

but its only fair to say that i have searched for the material settings.
its posted by jd_bertron along with some other material settings.
Just tried those settings and in combination with an HDR-image the render above came out of it!
I just was happy with the result and thought why not post it here.

Yeah, well there’s not much to it, but it’s unbelievably realistic! Awesome materials and render. I’d try doing something more complex now.


Its very photo-realistic!! Good job…

Thanks all for the comments.

And on to something new now!

No, its not photo realistic, its very good but those paperclips are too dark. You need to add somesort of world image to reflect in the paperclip, then it will be photo realistic.

I agree with TheANIMAL, the image, while nice, is not photorealistic at all. The paperclips need something to reflect and they also need some caustics reflecting onto the wood surface. Also, th epaperclip in the back seems to be floating slightly above the table and doesn’t seem to be resting on the paperclip that is underneath it. If you fix these issues THEN it will be photorealistic.

Well, it’s not quite photorealistic, but it’s still pretty bloody good:D
Well done!:yes:

Awesome materials.Keep up the good work!

Wow, a lot a reactions while i was moving on.
But to all that take their time to react:

The image was not intended to be photorealistic, just a try with Yafray and a HDRI image.
But i was very happy with the result, actually i amazed myself a bit :eyebrowlift:

For the reflections, it is the Uffizi probe i used but maybe i should be using another?
But then again this thread should be moved to WIP.

and yes there are things that could be alot better and yes the paperclip is floating a little. So lots of room for improvement.

If i have the time this weekend i will post an update of this not so very interesting scene;)

But still thank you al for your reactions!!!


simplified the scene and added some more reflections.

If someone can move this thread to the WIP forum i will be very happy because it seems its not finished at all.

Is it better now or worse?


That looks a bit better, they were far too dark.

I’d do some work on the surface now. Give it a bit of bump, it’s really flat at the moment.

There is something about this scene that’s bugging me. I can’t put my finger on it though. Maybe the darkness of the shadow, or the colour of the paperclip. Maybe it’s scale, how big the paperclip is if you compare it to the size of the texture.

As a side note, while I try and figure it out, maybe add some focal blur, if you’re photographing something that close you’ll end up losing the background to a fair bit of blur.

Might be quite a nice test scene to work on some materials and general rendering/lighting.


Its odd. For such a simple image, that paperclip has suprising substantiality. 3 stars(simply because its just a paper clip, as much as I like it :wink: )

Keep it up! I still cant handle yafray…

maybe the clip is casting a tad too much shadow there.

oh yeah, just noticed
@IanC: Its the thickness of the paperclip. Even up close, paperclips are much skinnier(the actuall metal I mean) and not so round and bubbly. Though this isnt really extremely bubbly, I think thats whats bugging you.

But I Like it

I agree with IanC, that you should add the bump map, maybe it is the size of the floorboards to the paperclip that is off :confused:
I still think that you nailed the materials for the paperclip ;)…
Good job :)!

free_ality, you’re right about that. Perhaps a combination of that and paperclips aren’t flat like that, the centre bit sticks out slightly. It’s generally too perfectly shaped. A nice image, however.