Papercraft Blender logo


I’m Otávio, from Brazil, and I have a Blog about Blender:

Some time ago I posted an article explaining how to create paper models with Blender and Pepakura (

I invated Cláudio Dias, from Paperinside (, to write about Pepakura and show how paper models are created. He accepted and used the Blender logo on the tutorial.

So, the .blend of the model is attached .You can download the final image and creat your won Papercraft Blender logo! :slight_smile:

Try it yourself and post the result here! Later I will post my result. Good luck.

Sorry, my English is not good.


logo.blend (131 KB)

I don’t think this belongs in off-topic, it’s on topic I think… Maybe finished projects? Tutorials? Dunno./tired :). sounds interesting though I may dl later.

The topic is now at News & Discussion.

I’m folding my model right now.

hey tatasoka is your blog aggregated on yet ?

I don’t know zos, but I think it is not.