Why the hell can’t you give yourself a papercut on purpose, but when you slightly slide it across yourself it almost always cuts?

And why the hell do they hurt so much when you do it? It’s just paper, how can it cut?


It cuts because it’s thin, so it applies a great pressure on a single area of your skin (the formula to calculate pressure is: pressure = force / area).
It must hurt because it cuts deep (not sure here).


I’m sure you could give yourself one if you tried hard enough, but why on earth would you want to? It’s just one of life’s little annoyances.

There’s a thing about papercuts that makes them sting like hell. I accidentally sliced my finger with a knife once, and it hardly hurt; it just bled a lot. I get a papercut, and damn it stings for a long time, and it hardly bleeds. Makes me mad. :x

Why is it that papercuts hurt more? Does anybody know?

I think the (relatively) blunt force trauma caused by a knife makes the pain spread over a wide area, whereas the paper cut is thin, direct, and deep. It may have to do with the number of nerves hit, as with paper they tend to lie in a small area, and I also suspect that our body just interprets the pain differently. I think our brains tell us that it hurts “more” when actually it just hurts “different”. Open blisters hurt the worst for me. I’ve stabbed myself dozens of times doing a wide variety of dangerous things, but they pale in comparison to the blisters you get landscaping. Y’know, the ones that rip open cuz you have to keep on landscaping and don’t give them time to heal. The ones that you keep rubbing against over, and over, and over…

Yes I know…read below:
Actually, it is not “only paper” if you know how to create paper, they cut down trees and process it for making paper in all kind of forms and styles…and wood is very hurtfull, so there are fibres from the wood inside the paper, maybe that’s why it hurts like hell, and not only, why does it hurts? probably because it is not sharp enough, ever cut yourself on a supersharp knife? did you feel anything? probably not…there’s your answer :wink: !!

have you guys watched Jackass???

they papercut themselves inbetween their fingers (you know the webbed bits)

damn it looked painfull.


I thought papercuts were so painfull because they’re not deep.
they just cut into the upperlayer of the skin where all the nerve ends are.
Just like when you try to slide on a artificiall gras surface or on a gymnasium floor.

Because we’re not

completely creazy ?

:smiley: :smiley:

ha ha ha (one of the funniest replies lately)

Besides the pressure thing theeth mentioned I think it is the shearing force and maybe the angle which makes possible a papercut. Additionally it will depend on if your skin is relaxed or strained. A suitable combination of this factors obviously is given while handling with paper but hard to simulate on purpose.

Maybe a papercut hurts more because hundreds of small particles and fibers are left behind in the wound while cutting and cause small inflammations. A clean, smooth blade of a knife doesn’t. Additionally the rough surface of paper will tickle the nerve cells more than the smooth of a blade.

I’m sure a cut with a sharp but rusty knife will hurt more than a papercut.

You can do it on purpose just run your finger along quickly and don’t push down to hard. :wink:

Man, this whole topic hurts me. I get shivers just thinking of papercuts :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotten a cardboard cut. I think it was a cardboard cut, at least; I was carrying out a cardboard box full of empty water bottles when suddenly my finger started hurting. It’s better now, I think.

BTW: alltaken, why the hell do you watch “Jackass?” It’s named after it’s target audience. And besides, who wants to watch a guy doing something stupid like light himself on fire? Also, I’ve heard that the movie is disturbing, and that it even has a masturbation scene. Can anyone say, “not funny?”

been a while since I had a papercard…last one was from filling suplies from a cardboard box…thats months ago…you know
Pain makes you feel alive…but its annoying as hell lol

Hmm, interesting.

BTW, i don’t acually WANT to give myself a papercut, I weas just curious on why I can’t do it. I guess you can’t press too hard.


Pooba:i recommend you to stop watching Jackass,that’s not good for your health. :wink: :smiley:

Ehh… you don’t want to give yourself a papercut, yet you’ve obviously tried to give yourself a papercut on purpose? Talking about strange people :smiley:

“It was the voices in my head, they made me do it!”

I think there is something more annoying. I got hit by a stray baseball on the mouth and got a nasty lipcut and then i tried eating something with ketchup or vinegar. Not pleasant.

you’re probably onto something about the fibres being stuck in there. It’s like handling fibreglass insulation. If you get it on your hands, it hurts like hell afterwards, even though it doesn’t cut the skin.

I did try and give myself a papercut because of this, but i don’t think i was trying really hard :slight_smile:

You people are CRAZY! Did you know that? :smiley: