PaperGame - Race

Hi everybody,

first of all, nice to meet you. My name is Claudio and I currently use Blender for several projects dedicated to Paper: Figures, vehicles, terrains, buildings, cards, etc. Everything dedicated to games and not specifically to detailed models, so quite easy and fast to build and play with. Blender helps me to create the 3d models. After that with Pepakura and Gimp the printable sheets are ready to be shared or sold online. (See for more details).

In these days it came to me the idea (bad?;)) to create a Game where the terrain, buildings and vehicles can be replied with paper so to have the exact copy in reality. Users can then upload their own models to increase the fun.

I started to study (or to grab here and there:p) BGE and the first test can be downloaded here. It is not still a game, but more an exercise. Step by step I will add new features and then it will become a game (hopefully).

Last feature has been the watch speedometer. Unlikely the arrow is shown below the quadrant even if its plane is over, with respect the camera. Some idea for changing that?

The credits are included into the zip file only, I need to include them also into blend version (sorry, I will update this soon).

Next step is to count the laps.

That’s all for now, Claudio :slight_smile:

Hmmm, this is interesting. So you make paper figures as a hobby? Either way, you do have a business, so this could technically be Blender’s first commercial game.

Users can then upload their own models to increase the fun.

I’m wondering about this. I’m curious as to what exactly you mean by this. I’m guessing that, Essentially, you are talking about people making models in blender and then loading them into the game.

to create a Game where the terrain, buildings and vehicles can be replied with paper so to have the exact copy in reality.

It took me a bit to understand what you were saying. Your talking about being able to print the game out, like the terrain, etc.

That’s an interesting idea. That does mean; however, that the style has to match with the paper style figures correct?

This looks like an interesting game project. I will keep my eyes on it. Unfortunately, I am a mac user, so I can’t play the game itself.

Also, as a note to other members, there is a screenshot in the link he provides.


Hi Nick,

yes, I have small business there, and there will be a commercial project with Blender, but it is not this one, that is more a test than a game. I am still learning and surely don’t want to sell something at this stage.

On the contrary this is a completely free project, where all of you are invited to take part with ideas, own models and textures, scripts and whatever. For example the Tower bridge you see into the picture is a free model taken from the net; I have inserted the name of the author inside a text file called readme.txt, there you will find the name of those who will give their contribution (material, not money:eyebrowlift2:). When I will be more confident a commercial project will take place.

Yes, you are right: people can make models (exported in 3ds or obj for example) including the texture and then I will put those models inside the game. In near future I would like to have a script so that you can do automatically by yourself. The particular case here, is that the textures are not blender material but only images in UV. The images must be located like in a printable sheet, with the flap included so that you can glue the model and have a reproduction of the game! You can at home easily change the texture, upload the file with the same name in your texture fiolder and istantly change the car or the building!

Of course if the style is the same among vehicles, terrain and figures, then the game becomes great!

Last, I upload in my site also the .blend file freely changeable (let me know if you do it!:D).

P.S. I solved the speedometer issue!

Bye, Cla

Oh, of course, you are speaking in the terms of an open project. I didn’t understand what exactly you were trying to do. Of course, that probably stems from some of the crazy ideas people throw out there on this forum. That is a very cool idea. I will take a look into it when I get the chance.


Ha, this is very cool idea!

Thank you all!
The release 0.11 is uploaded. I added the timer to count the total laps time(3, but you can change in .blend version) and a single lap time.

I have two troubles:

  1. how to start the timer only when the car touch the start line

  2. how to store the best time lap

Thank you very much.

Hi all,

released 0.13 is up and running, with the Best Lap correctly working.
My best Lap is 34.71 secs. Can you do better? :wink:


Finally the release 0.14 starts to count the time only when the car crosses the lap line!

0.15 Released.
New features:
1- A new body car with F430 Miracle texture
2- Rear gear
3- More steering sensitive (next step will be a speed proportional steering)

Next 0.16 Release:
1- City street track available only after a specific Best Lap

Comments welcome!

Hi all,
here a couple of new images from the City Race. Same rules as before, but with a new track into City streets. Several things have to be still defined, but the car can run among those skyscrapers. I need to build the borders of the pavement and then I will upload the whole. Other skyscrapers textures from you are welcome!


City level looks nice :slight_smile:

Keep it up.

Looking good!

wow, that is cool, but id say look into a recover or reset function for the car, because it flipped on me a few times (look below)

and i was wondering how you did the speedometer? was it from a tutorial or what?


Thank you eb264,
yes, I know that it is annoying when the car bump on the air. I need to add it to to next release (who knows how is the best way to manage this?).
About the speedometer you can find the tutorial here (look at the first link):


The City Race test is ready at the same link:[]](http://%5BURL=%22http://%5BURL=%22

If your best lap is better than 50 secs, then you get a missile launcher!

No targets at the moment, I’m working on them now. Some suggestions?:evilgrin:

Ops! I forgot to reset the lens of the camera. A new release is uploaded just now. Moreover I finally added some oil barrels to fire against some missiles. I would like to add also the related sounds ans explosions! Later…

Bye, Claudio

Textures aren’t working in the .exe?

I am uploading again the file with everything packed! Unlikely my connection is currently 3 KB/s. Check again later… forgive me :wink:


ok, hopefully the file is uploaded and working. Please, let me know if it is ok!

Thanks, Claudio

Quite nice! Maybe make the track a little easier though. And make the barriers / direction arrows much much more obvious, otherwise it’s very easy to get lost.

Oh, and why not use the arrow keys instead of WASD? :wink: