[ Paperman ]


jsplifer commented to me that I should add a cardboard texture to
my Running man…so I have…and basse helped me out to scan some
pretty nice high-res textures from real cardboards, and here is what
I have started with for so long:



I hope you like him :wink:


I have also made an WIP page for him here:

heh, great suggestion and a great job texturing too.

Looks really good.


oh wow ztonzy, the textures and lighting are amazina man, great concept, can he have a boxcutter as a weapon? :wink:

Fun stuff!!! :slight_smile:

It’s a real neath idea! Can’t wait to see him animated.
Maybe you could add a couple of “HAND drawn” eyes? :smiley:

Kult! Hvor mange er fra skandinavia her inne?

hehe thanks for takin my input, Big Z

this is really good. the box texture is amazing. the bumpmap and color map are so good. NICE work. 8) :smiley:

Ohh, that’s really sweet :slight_smile:

You should cut eyes and mouth in the head :wink:


OKey, here we go, here is some updated pics…

I have used Blenders Unified Renderer, it makes the color
of the renderings much more colorcul and the whole rendering
has much higher quality, and I also added a Specular texture
for the Tape on the cardboard surface, it got really great !!

first, a rendering with Unified Render active:

second, a Specularmap texture added to the texture layers:

and last here is a testvideo for looking how the Specular map looks like:


yay, looks so much better now !

Man, that spec map for the tape looks great. Get this done and animated man. Will be a great character when completed.


I don’t know if it’s the textures or the lighting but it looks REALLY good and very er… realistic!

Can’t wait to see it fully textured and animated :slight_smile:

Are you going to make an environment for him to run in?

a m a z i n g
great work ztonzy

very nice, nice spec map, nice textures, now waiting for a walk cycle.

Very well done!


YES !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks :wink:

he is already animated,check here: https://blenderartists.org/viewtopic.php?t=4783 , but yes, an enviroment will be created :slight_smile:

thanks friend :), as I said, check above link, that is the walkcycle, or more correct, run cycle…but yes, the character will have multiple different animation cycles…when I get my hands on the free Publisher 2.25 with NLA in a few weeks.

I think also that Owen Demers book “[digital] - Texturing & Painting” has helped me a bit to think about textures, but I would also thanks HerrNoko for giving me the idea about the Tape-textures, and now that I know who to use textures, there will be better stuff from me in the future, as I have felt that the Texturing is a lack of my skills in the 3D area, but hopefully not anymore…

thanks again for your attention, and I will work with this guy as soon as I feel I can continue…