Papers: by Shane Newville

I made this a while back and forgot to post it on here. Hope you like. :smiley:

Used Blender and GIMP.

Hehe, i like this…especially the third back on the right side with the vampire teeth :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet, I like the overall effect. Are the background papers particles?

Simple (but probably not so much) but awesome :smiley:

Awesome! I like it when people think out side the box and use Blender to render 2Dish graphics. Nice composition :yes: I can’t find anything to crit on. I do wonder though, what does the image mean? Is there an underlying concept behind it?



No particles used. Just a lot of duplication and moving pieces around to make a landscape that worked.

There really was no secret meaning or anything. I just really love Little Big Planet. They way they texture everything in that game makes my mouth water. I felt inspired to make something other than the animation I’m working on.