Papervision 3D

Hello, i d like to know if someone has some information about the optimization an possibilities that belnder offers to make 3d web based aplications. I ve heard that SecondLife is made principally with blender, and i can not find out how to even emulate the quality and dynamic of their graphics.
I ve been investigating and found out two ways of exporting from blender to flash: the COLLADA plugin, that is said that is not suportted by the las version of blender and didn´t work for me, and a py script that let´s you export your object to an actionscirpt file, but it doesnt´t seems to have as many posssibilities of manipultaing lights and textures as you would have with the collada plugin. So i seem in a no way out.
Any suggestions? some good research database or webpage for this kinda stuff???
please, i m very interested on this, and i think it is like the future of the web, so we could start to work it out together.

thanx and regards

As far as I know you can use Blender to make all your 3D assets which you then have to export as DAE files and use ActionScript to control them. Here’s some links to helpful PV sites:

And here’s some cool sites done with PV which show how powerful it is:

I’m not really a programmer so the extent of my papervision skill at the present time is being able to load a model and rotate it:

Good luck!