Papervision and Blender

Hai Guise, I’m currently trying to get my models working in papervision2d. I did several tutorials and have no problem with the example *.dae file, but when it comes to my own models they won’t show up ( can’t find the line inside the .dae which is responsible for the texture, therefore it won’t show i think)

€: Ok got it working, next part kind of describes the proccess

This tutorial is still w.i.p.

Last Update: ** included example project for FlashDevelop

source files which should work in FlashDevelop
complete with a suzanne_pv3d.as3proj, suzanne.blen, suzanne.dae, texture and anything else i found on my hdd

Tutorials used for this tutorial :D: <- really good

Software used in this tutorial:

How to export as *.dae (1.4) from Blender

  • your model has to have a UV Texture image, make sure you save it and convert *.png ( <3 theGimp)
  • - export and close - open blendermarine_v05.dae with Notepad++ and check around line 68 where it reads
		&lt;image id="Marine_001_png-img" name="Untitled_001_png-img"&gt;

and make sure <init_from> points to a texture in the same directory- otherwise your model might not show up, this bothered me for quite some time

basic FlashDevelop setup

  • This part shows how to setup Flashdevelop so that it works with flex sdk and papervision (and other toolkits)
  • Picture 1 shows where picture 2 and 3 are found,
  • picture 2 shows where you have to insert the path to flex sdk
  • picture 3 shows how to include the papervision classes in your project***

this is my ->

package  {
	import org.papervision3d.objects.DisplayObject3D;
	import flash.filters.*;
	import PaperBase;
	import org.papervision3d.objects.parsers.Collada;
    public class Main extends PaperBase {
		//declares one public variable named marine which will display as a 3D object
		public var marine:DisplayObject3D;
	   	public function Main() {
		override protected function init3d():void {
			// tell the marine DisplayObject3D to display the space marine model(=Collada)
			marine= new Collada("blendermarine_v05.dae");
			//these two lines apply a filter to the object, you can ignore this for now
			marine.useOwnContainer = true;
			marine.filters = [new GlowFilter (0x000000, 1, 5, 5, 50, 1, false, false)];
			// init object
    override protected function processFrame():void {
			// slowly rotates the object

simulakrum, I’m responding not because I’m able to help, but to express an interest in having such a tutorial available to this community - even if its just relating what your learning experiences have been. The possibility of 3D in flash via blender is a great way to distribute artistic vision over the web. If it weren’t for the barrier of purchasing flash, I’d be aboard this bandwagon in a µ-sec.!

your µ-second has come :slight_smile: this was done with open source only…
I’m already writing on something, but at this point it’s nowhere near as easy to understand as I wanted it… I will repost this with example files and proper filenames(i.e. on the screenshots ) in a few days, but you might as well take a look at it now.

see post 1

can someone move this thread to the tutorials forum?

Thanks simulakrum!
A while back i was going through some papervision tutorials and didn’t realize
there was a free version of flash.
I think all the tutorials I saw started off for example: “First we install Adobe flash!” :smiley:

Add my thanks in there, too, simulakrum! This is sweet-awesome!

For getting it into the “tutorials” section, you might have to PM a mod… this area isn’t visited very often.

I’ve worked with Papervision using Blender models. If you are interested, you can go to this address:
and see the example. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get links to print the required marker and download the source code. The code itself is not neat by any means, and isn’t documented well, but at least it is a working example. I also used FlashDevelop to put this together, so you should just be able to load up the project and take a look.

Dude, I don’t know what this link contains, but its taking a *load of time to download, even on a T1 connection. One thing you gotta do is economize your data sizes. Maybe putting a download progress bar on it or something… seriously, its been “loading” for 1/2 an hour now, and still nothing but white screen. (Both on Eploder and Firefox.)

that is indeed pretty weird, the whole project is <900kb, i’m working on a preloader (no i played with my budgies the whole day :D) , for myself i observed that both google chrome and IE won’t work, but FireFox 3.5 will

so with papervision you do not have light sources?

You can have lights, but they aren’t always needed. It depends on the material you set up and the type of shadowing/highlighting that you want.

i fixed the example, so hopefully it will work now(turned out all that was wrong was in index.html)
preloaders give me headaches atm, dunno how to use the flasdevelop template properly and the tutorials seem to be from like <2006

mawilson is right, only flatshadedmaterials etc need lightsources…

r/ opensource screencapture software