Papervision user here ?


any papervision user here? I am in an artist group and we might consider papervision for a project. Does anybody have some experience with this?

We are interested in augmented reality and using Blender for creating small animation which can be brought to papervision via Collada.

hello! Yeah Im a blenderhead, and Flash developer. So I’ve been doing Papervision3d stuf. There’s a tutorial on my site. But here are some hints for your specific task

you would like this app, to view your blender animation …

it can load and play animations from collada files. I would also go with COLLADA 1.4 exporter for blender, and remember to check, use relative paths (that should be default in all save settings IMO)

This is my tutorial.

it’s indepth how you create something in blender, view it in the collada air viewer. and then get it into flash w/ actionscript from scratch.

Also of course you need the papervision3d library , from google code.
But for the agumented reality, the FLARToolkit is the standard defacto so far for flash.

A Adobe guy called Lee Brimlow does good tutorials, he has a tutorial with the FLARToolkit. all video based so it’s funny and easy to follow.

simulakrum has started a thread with a tutuorial of his experiences using all free resources here:

This may help you in your efforts, Claas. Keep us posted on your results!


so I assume from what you said papervision does not have light sources in the viewer?
The LFARtoolkit than only allows to render a light source as an image without any
light emissions. Well with Blenders radiosity you can bake GI as a texture and make
it look good.

also when you have an animation how do you have to set it up in Blender to work in

lets say a mechanical bone animation or two objects like a plane circling a house.
Can I just make a path animation for the plane and collada transports that to papervision?

This is somewhat what we are looking for:

we are renovating right now an exhibition space we would like to have presented in a similar way
and also parts animated.

Or a second project is having animated creatures coming out of peoples bodies who stand in front
of the web cam.

This is somewhat what we are looking for:

I’ve seen this yesterday too, I’m very interested in it.A while ago, +Peter tried Papervision with Blender too.


AFAIK lights has been a problem with papervision3d, I dont know if there’s real light source , but sandy3d and away3d have it, So I bet there actually is something similard in papervision3d.

So I take the lighting back! but do bake your textures with AO within blender to get decent soft shadowing on your textures, cuz’ render without lightsource should go way faster in pv3d.

the COLLADA file format (.dae files) support exporting animations, and it is fairly easy to play an animation. There’s a method called animate or play. Im gonna try and make a tutorial for this, for now on, just animate your stuf in blender , export collada with SAMPLE ANIMATION.

and try it in the “collada air viewer”,when calling in flash the method to play a collada animation there’s no end or so, you have to make the logic to break inbetween animationsets etc, …

it should be good to get a common practice going on here in the forums, to help both developers and 3d artist work seamless inbetween eachothers which as little as possible faulty exports.

I know >_< we gotten so many strange file formats to implement in sites w/ pv3d.