Borrowing rather heavily from this post I created a script to add a paraboloid primitive (perfect for satellite dishes and nose-cones)

Just add this script to your .blender/scripts folder.

great work zoel, i lover the idea of adding primitives hard coded, what is your C programing like, could you write a patch?

Quite interesting, Zoel. I see many uses for it :wink:

thanks! :wink:

Nice, i think its something i will use.


Good work zoel.
I’m glad my hyperboloid script was of use to you in creating this one.

sadly I’m practically helpless when it comes to C although I suppose I’ll have to learn it eventually.

The point of this is you dont have to hard code in C, Theres realy no/little advantage in this being in C. - the torus in 2.44 is python for instance.

ideasman I agree, I just like seeing features hard coded, but it could quiet easily be added to the python scripts and be just as useful