Paradigm-Shift A story

Let me first say I’m not looking for any handout, and I’m willing to fairly share any profits that might come of this in the future. I’m a disabled vet (that’s not a tug at your heart) I only say that becasue I have a lot of time on my hand. I’ve been using blender for almost two weeks now (still a noob), but I have designed some nice Nazi UFO’s from WWII (goes with my story). Anyways during my deployments I started to write a story called Paradigm Shift, a sort of fictional history of the universe since the big bang. As you can imagine the story is long, after working out a time line, for both the universe and my main race (Humans, selfish me). I started writing the meat of the story in any real logical place, right in the middle (LOL). The first trilogy of the Paradigm Shift Univers, is the Disclosure Trilogy (Disclosure: Operation Highjump, Disclosure: Operation Paper Clip, and Full Disclosure { A working title}). The first two are written both in script form and book form, (I’ve been at this for a long time) I’ll be finishing the third soon.

When I got involved with learning blender, it was so I could give my story a little more robust feel for myself and any publisher-producer that might buy it in the future. I began to realize how powerful blender is, that blender could tell the story itself. I’m looking for anyone that would like to help period, I have the story, I’m using blender to build (but I’m slow as hell, I’ve been reading Blender for dummies it covers 2.5 blender).

A little about were I’m looking to start:
Disclosure: Operation High Jump, takes place through 1917-1947. starting in Germany with the Vril and Maria Orsic (looking to make a blender render of her), going through a secret element of the Nazi backed by corprate elements in europe (who’s leaders are aliens) building a UFO program off a secret power source. The Nazi’s aka hitler want the tech and the corprate want to know were this technology is coming from to put a stop to it. The Nazi’s discover an ancient alien city in the south pole, when germany falls this secret nazi element betrays hitler taking Maria to the South pole. By now the word about secret nazi ufo’s and bases have reached the American’s. A secret organization called MJ-12, under the cover of Adimiral Birds expedition to the South pole code named Operation High Jump. A mission that should have taken six months, departing with 4000 combat troops, a wing of planes, and several helo’s end there mission early eight weeks later. During that eight weeks they are engaged by these secret nazi’s using there new UFO’s they lose and MJ-12 and some troop invade the ancient city taking control of it, but the nazi escape to the moon. Leading into the the second story “paper clip”, More about the history of MJ-12, Rosewell, and the rest of UFOlogy timeline. Taking place during from 1947-1964, and ending with JFK being killed by those dam corprate aliens. While MJ-12 members are hunted and exiled from the U.S. The thrid take place during the period 1964-20ish (its not done, not sure how it ends) thinking about ending the trilogy with this story that had surfaced on the radio show Coast to Coast about U.S. troops discovering a Vimana in the mountains of Afganistan.

While this thick histocal based timeline is being played out in the mid and early 20th century, there is an alternate story. taking place in the 32nd century involving Maria Orsic. I won’t get into the details, but the two plot are inter woven and have both have connection to the achs and conclusion of the the disclosure trilogy. (One thing I intend to do with blend is create my Nazi UFO’s and my City ship, turned war ship (yet to be named) built by earth to operate independent and never to return home) Right now I have had succes in creating my Nazi UFO, but translating my city ship ideas into blender is a little out of my league.

To any one who read all that thank you, I’m almost done.

I’m looking for:
Any one that wants to create or improve on my blender creations
Any one that wants to share models already created or can point me in the direction of downloadable blender files
I understand that there are free blender movie files that can be used by any one “aka tear of steel” How do I get these.
any books or videos that go into systems beyond the interface.

For any more details feel free to PM me.

Thanks for reading.