Paradox Alley

Finally I have a web site. I’m trying out a free trial of homestead and
if I like it I will continute. But in the meantime I now have a place to
post some of my work. In my gallery old is pictures from work I did
before my drive failed. New is more recent work. Hope you enjoy the
pictures, comments are welcome.



Nice to seeyou back on rendering :slight_smile:


Thanks Stefano, good to hear from you and it is good to be back to rendering again. More to come soon as I have several projects lined up.
I admit some of my work is a little strange but that’s the fun of being a
paradox. Ha Ha


Nice Dox… finally a home of your own :wink:

congrats :wink:

Cool Paradox…finally a place to see your work …I really like the Dust Mite…absolutly great work WOW… Well I’m sure the others will get to see it soon…I have the privlege to get a preview now and then…
Ya’ll keep checking…its gonna get CRAZY…

Hey Friend…

nice to see you finally got an home,
I saw it already, but , anyway…

great !!

Thanks to all for the replys and the visits. Hopefully it will get better with new and better pictures.

Run-Amok - yes the dust mite is almost done will post a link under
Finished Projects soon.


how bout real thumbnails for the low banders?

tmtechie - excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by real
thumbnails. I thought my gallery had thumbnails which you clicked on to get a larger picture.

Notice to everyone else - Galllery now has a new picture. Dust Mite,
personally I think it is my best so far.



OK Tmtechie, my son explained it a little for me re: thumbnails and I reworked the page so it should be a little better now, although I’m told they are still a little big for thumbnails. So for now at least hopefully faster for small banders. Later when I get the time I’ll make the thumbnails even smaller. Any suggestions on good size anyone?
Thanks for the advice.


great paradox. i think the size is fine now and they download just fine. much better for perusing your works :slight_smile: much improved indeed!

size is always arbitrary to file size and you have acheived that so it’s fine the way it is.

Thanks for the response back tmtechie, good to know it is working better now. Comments like yours allow me to improve my site and I aim to please. Glad it is better now.


Great work paradox!

I liked the strange bug a lot !

Great to see you again.

Hey malefico, good to see you again. I was planning on sending you an email letting you know I have a site now ( but you already know that)
Glad you liked my bug. I’ll stay in touch.


Good work, I also like the dust mite best!