Paradox Alley

(paradox) #1

Finally I have a web site. I’m trying out a free trial of homestead and
if I like it I will continute. But in the meantime I now have a place to
post some of my work. In my gallery old is pictures from work I did
before my drive failed. New is more recent work. Hope you enjoy the
pictures, comments are welcome.


(S68) #2


Nice to seeyou back on rendering :slight_smile:


(paradox) #3

Thanks Stefano, good to hear from you and it is good to be back to rendering again. More to come soon as I have several projects lined up.
I admit some of my work is a little strange but that’s the fun of being a
paradox. Ha Ha


(macouno) #4

Nice Dox… finally a home of your own :wink:

congrats :wink:

(Run-Amok) #5

Cool Paradox…finally a place to see your work …I really like the Dust Mite…absolutly great work WOW… Well I’m sure the others will get to see it soon…I have the privlege to get a preview now and then…
Ya’ll keep checking…its gonna get CRAZY…

(sten) #6

Hey Friend…

nice to see you finally got an home,
I saw it already, but , anyway…

great !!

(paradox) #7

Thanks to all for the replys and the visits. Hopefully it will get better with new and better pictures.

Run-Amok - yes the dust mite is almost done will post a link under
Finished Projects soon.


(digitalSlav) #8

how bout real thumbnails for the low banders?

(paradox) #9

tmtechie - excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by real
thumbnails. I thought my gallery had thumbnails which you clicked on to get a larger picture.

Notice to everyone else - Galllery now has a new picture. Dust Mite,
personally I think it is my best so far.



(paradox) #10

OK Tmtechie, my son explained it a little for me re: thumbnails and I reworked the page so it should be a little better now, although I’m told they are still a little big for thumbnails. So for now at least hopefully faster for small banders. Later when I get the time I’ll make the thumbnails even smaller. Any suggestions on good size anyone?
Thanks for the advice.


(digitalSlav) #11

great paradox. i think the size is fine now and they download just fine. much better for perusing your works :slight_smile: much improved indeed!

size is always arbitrary to file size and you have acheived that so it’s fine the way it is.

(paradox) #12

Thanks for the response back tmtechie, good to know it is working better now. Comments like yours allow me to improve my site and I aim to please. Glad it is better now.


(Ringo7) #13

Great work paradox!

(malefico) #14

I liked the strange bug a lot !

Great to see you again.

(paradox) #15

Hey malefico, good to see you again. I was planning on sending you an email letting you know I have a site now ( but you already know that)
Glad you liked my bug. I’ll stay in touch.


(Haunted-House) #16

Good work, I also like the dust mite best!