Paradox Pictures- A new animation studio asking for volunteers.

Hello, I am a member of a recently created team of people called Paradox Pictures. We are a group of volunteer blender users from all over the world that will collectively create animated stories and series together. Currently, we are asking for more volunteers to help out. Anyone can join; Even if you’re just starting out on Blender you can join, and hopefully our team will be made up of people with different skill levels to learn and teach from each other. Of course, there will be no pay at first as this will be a chance for us to work together and make stories come to life. Hopefully, as time goes on and our skills become more refined and we’ll proceed to create bigger projects that will generate money.

The Plan
The plan for us to start out small with short stories animation just to see the scope of what we can do and improve our skills and fix our mistakes over time. As the team works and our blender skills improve we move into bigger projects like a series and perhaps mini movies.

What we accomplish already?

We are a relatively new group but we have already created a website, the design of the team name and logo. Currently, we are brainstorming story ideas. Currently we have a script and are starting production.

Who we are?
There are currently ten of us (including me) from all over the world with different skill levels to work together. From concept artist to programmer. In this team, everyone is equal with no boss/employee relationship.

List of people we currently need

  • Lights and Material
  • Character Modeler
  • Character Rigger
  • Environment Artist/Modeler
  • Animator
  • Sound Design
  • Editor
  • Storyboard artist
  • Voice Actor

(Once again we accept all skill levels)

Credit and recognition
Everyone evolved will receive FULL CREDITS for every part you do in the team and animations created. You can use this opportunity to fill up your portfolio and to learn teamwork skills with other animators.

Profit Share

All profit earned made will be equally split between all members of the team.

How to join?

There is a variety of ways of applying. You can join here and just reply to this post, (please tell us about yourself and what you hope to accomplish, skill levels etc), or you can complete this application form here which will ask you a few simple questions to help with the organization ( )

Extra information
Currently, we are communicating through the messaging app/site Slack. Here’s a link to our work in progress website: We have a subreddit which will be another place for us to discuss but you must join to enter it.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask.

Sent you a PM.

Maybe rethink the name?

There´s also Paradox entertainment, infamous for the latest Conan film.

You want a name that stands out in a Google search.

The team name might be subject to change after we start making more serious shorts and series.

Thanks everyone for the replies and doing the application. We got some amazing people that joined our group. Sadly we have to stop accepting people as we are in the middle of production and didn’t want too many cooks in the kitchen. If you want to still join us the application is still open and we’ll contact you when we start a new project.