Paradoxes again

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To keep hearts up an brains occupied, have a look
at my latest Optical Illusion (Is sad you cannot browse old thread where paradox challenged me with this task :frowning: )


P.S. I still DON’T use ZInvert!!! (Nice to be able to edit :wink: )

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(harkyman) #2

Very clever. A cool challenge.

(Darkelfv) #3

Wow that rocks, I love those types of images

(paradox) #4

Wow you did it. Water and all. I’m impressed. I also like these kinds of pictures


(pofo) #5

I like it alot

:slight_smile: pofo

(I tried to build one following your model, didn’t work :o )

(that was me trying to be funny again 8) )

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(S68) #6

Which model? This latter or the cubes?


(Poju) #7

How in earth you did it? Very cool!!

Btw nice to see you here, this just didn’t felt home without you.

(malefico) #8

ahemmmm… let me clarify my point of view on this subject:

–how the hell did you do that ?!

excellent !


(S68) #9


I had the chance of joining Caronte forums and learned there that there was a migration…

One dy I’ll explain the trick, but not now :stuck_out_tongue:


(malefico) #10

Unfortunately Caronte did some change in his page and my stupid Mozilla nor Opera don’t display the flash page :frowning:

So, for the moment I’m not able to enter his forums :((

Worst of all, I can’t post in spanish :(((

(sten) #11

very cool pic indeed :slight_smile: !!

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Malefico: cannot post in spanish? mmmm…


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I can’t see the picture.
I get 404 Not Found error when i click the link.

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Site underwent complete reenginnering. go to