well, if anyone remembers the old c64 game paradroid… I have been wanting to remake the game on linux, but with my skill in programming the work never even started. luckily, somebody liked the game also, and remade it… I am doing droids and some other graphics to it, I’m pretty sure I upload some of them here, but here’s the first rendering, showing 001 and the “shower” -healing station :slight_smile:

hmm… how do they put the pictures into message…

ok… hope it works…


Wow! Cool! I had one of the c64’s when I was like 10, or so. Don’t remember this game though :-?

Anyway, is that is what the game graphics are gonna look like? That is one nice texturing job mate. Love the bump on the droid.


the games isn’t going to be 3d… sadly. perhaps one day, somebody will make that too :slight_smile: this is more of the original style… you can check out some more graphics from and there is a link to the game also…


Love that wall thingy… good mood in this image :slight_smile: Keep up your good work!

hehehe cool, i like the mood too 8) good texturing and lighting