Parallax Displacement in Cycles

Hey there!

I’m trying to make a Parallax Displacement for Cycles, but no success so far…

I was searching and i found this blend file with this awesome Parallax effect, but is for the game engine.

This even has a silhouette effect.

Does anyone knows how to create a Parallax effect in Cycles?

Why not to simply use discplacement or microdisplacement instead ?

Because for now i want something that doesn’t need subdvisions

it’s just for learning, I want to learn how to do this effect in Cycles.

I see. So I imagine that “Adaptive Subdivision” will not fit also.

Don’t fit because even if it saves memory it still subdivides the mesh, i’m trying to create this effect in particular, it has to be this effect in specific.

I understand. Maybe you can check this link Parallax mapping for Blender Render / Cycles? I don’t know if there’s solution because I don’t have to read all but it could be a starting point.

You mean parallax occlusion mapping? I tried that once, and concluded that it can’t be done reasonably. What it does in game shaders, is checking the height map image pixel-by-pixel until it finds an intersection with the camera vector.

If you want to do that in cycles you would have to step through your height map also. But that would be quite troublesome. Just think that one doesn’t even have a looping construct in the material definition, to begin with. Then you have to compute the directional occlusion maps outside of Blender, which rules out procedural height maps.

Hi, check out @Xard’s post and file from:

hopefully the attached .blend helps. the addon DecalMachine ( uses parallax mapping to achieve non-destructive detail for mesh ‘decals’ (they are just a plane with a texture applied). I baked a custom decal from the square shape to the right of the cube using the addon and put it on the cube in the attached .blend file. Looking at the material for the decal on top of the cube should tell you all you need to know, or at least point you in the right direction.

Here is a look at the node setup. To clarify, the cube on the left has a ‘decal’ with parallax mapping applied and the object on the right is an actual 3d object that I baked the decal from. The node setup below is what is applied to the decal sitting on the cube. The cube really has nothing to do with the setup, and i only put it there so the decal isn’t just floating on nothing. I’m not going to pretend to understand what’s going on with the node setup, but feel free to take a look at it yourself.

Blend file:
Parralax Test.blend (8.3 MB)

Edit: had to change out the .hdr file for a smaller one and re-pack/re-upload. Also changed some text for clarity.

Thank you @warnotte @omgold @LoboTommy @Villitz for the help! :smiley: